Upper Seti River Rafting

Upper Seti River Rafting – ½ day- “Short and Sweet”

Trip Details

Durations ½ Day
Class III+ / IV
Depart From Pokhara (9am / 1pm )
Start Point Bamboo Bridge / 30 minutes from Pokhara
Finish Point Dam / 20 minutes to Pokhara
Meals Simple Packed Lunch
Season Open: Oct. – June Best: Oct. – Dec. and March – May
Price $45 + 13% VAT = USD 51


  • Super fun, exciting non-stop rapids
  • Mountain views
  • Only 30 minutes from Lakeside
  • Sleep in special
  • Crew favorite

Only 30 minutes from Pokhara’s Lakeside, this short and sweet rafting adventure offers 1 ½ hours of non-stop adrenaline filled class III+/IV rapids. With fantastic Annapurna mountain views, crystal clear Himalayan whitewater and a beautiful gorge decorated with a suspension bridge and prayer flags – rafting the Upper Seti River is the ultimate half day trip in Nepal.

Mother Nature packs more rapids into 90 minutes on the Upper Seti than some other rivers provide in 2 to 3 days, making this a crew favorite right here in our own back yard.

We raft the Upper Seti twice a day, giving you the flexibility to fit in all the other great activities that Pokhara – “adventure capital of Nepal” has to offer!


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