Trip to Bish Hajar Taal Chitwan National Park

Trip to Bish Hajar Taal-Chitwan National Park

Trip to Bish Hajar Taal Chitwan National Park

Bish Hazari (20 Thousand) lake is in the southern corner of Bharatpur. The lake is very attractive for the bird lovers and serves as an important bird watching center. The lake area houses lots of crocodiles and thus is equally attractive for the reptile lovers. The Lake Lies nearby Chitwan National Park. Bish hazari lake lies just 5 km south from the city center (Chaubishkothi) of Bharatpur.

There are various reason to call the lake as Bish Hajari taal. The meaning of Bish Hajari is Twenty Thousand (20,000). The first reason to call it Bish Hajar is: there are lots of small and big lakes and its counting is to much, more than thousand so it is called 20,000 Lake. The another reason to call it Bish Hajari is when we see the lake from the sky, the shape of the lake is like 20,000.

The lake likes inside Chitwan National park and has good environment there. Some wild animals specially crocodiles and rhinos are found often near Bish Hajari Taal. Different birds migrate to Bish Hajar Taal from the Northern Pole of the earth in search of Suitable environment. In winter the Northern poles are very cold and to escape from the massive cold, birds migrate to Bish Hajari Taal.


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