Apsara Boutique Hotel

Apsara Boutique Hotel

Apsara Boutique Hotel

Apsara Boutique Hotel is located at the heart of Nepal’s largest tourist hub, Thamel, the hotel is the newest Boutique Hotel adorned like an angel in Kathmandu. Beautifully designed with ancient art works and traditional wood carving techniques, the hotel at construction perception manifests ancient architecture, which so well blends with modern services and amenities it caters.

Nepal is popular for its wooden handicrafts- products of traditional wood carving skills developed by ancient artisans and passed over generation to generation. Likewise, the people of Nepal are known to the world for the generous hospitality they offer to guests. Atithi Devo Bhava (अतिथि देवो भव), guests are gods, is at the heart of every Nepalese household who take great satisfaction in serving guests with utmost respect and care. Apsara Boutique draws inspiration from these two important features of Nepal and marries them to provide haute hospitality at the heart of Kathmandu.



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