Seasons of Nepal

Seasons of Nepal

Seasons of Nepal

Nepal has a five season temperate climate. Due to its location, landscape and power outages those seasons often dictate when the best time is to visit.

Autumn: The peak tourist season is in the Autumn between September to late November. This is just after the monsoon season so the air is dry and clear. This is the perfect time for visiting Nepal if you are going trekking.

Winter: December & January are cold winter months throughout Nepal. Though it doesn’t snow in any of the main non-trekking cities in Nepal it does hit freezing. This is also the time of year when electricity rationing is very high with long hours of no power.

Spring: February to April is Nepal’s second busiest tourist season. The climate starts cold but in preceding months gets increasingly warm. Flowers in the valleys begin to bloom and there’s little rain. It does however get quite hazy so mountain views will be lessened.

Summer: May to June is the start of the pre-monsoon summer. It gets hot and humid with several showers on the hottest of days. Climate change has meant a lengthening of showers.

Summer (monsoon): June to late August is when the monsoon rains hit Nepal. Climate change again mean that the monsoon may be earlier of later than this. Rains are heavier and there’s a risk of flooding in places. The sky is heavy with cloud but it also means blooming flowers and lush green valleys



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