Phoksundo Teahouse Trek -11 Days

Phoksundo Teahouse Trek – 11 Days Dolpo is the largest territorial district in Nepal. It is certainly one of the most beautiful and splendid place. The exotic sites and natural sceneries lures people all over the world , thus making it a must visit destination. Dolpo has been captured beautifully on film by the renowned … Continue reading Phoksundo Teahouse Trek -11 Days


Lower Dolpo Trek – 18 days

Lower Dolpo Trek - 18 days An enthralling journey filled with remote trekking, high mountain passes, yak caravans in the remote lower Dolpo region Lower Dolpo Trek offers an outstanding trekking experience in the remote western region of Nepal.  Lower Dolpo Trek was opened in 1982 for the trekkers.  The trek crosses three high passes … Continue reading Lower Dolpo Trek – 18 days

Phoksundo Lake Trek – 08 Days

Phoksundo Lake Trek – 08 Days Trekking in Dolpa is a unique experience. The trails pass through beautiful landscapes, thick pine forests and along wild rivers all the while with spectacular views of beautiful snow-capped mountains. The highlight of the trek is the mesmerizing deep-blue and emerald hues of the deepest lake in Nepal, Phoksundo … Continue reading Phoksundo Lake Trek – 08 Days